Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"Injury" and "Thoughts on happiness"

These two paintings...

"Injury" is serious....and "Thoughts on happiness" is as well..

I always believed that beauty is everywhere..also in the periods of our lifes that is not very pleasant. If I cannot find it...I will make it. I don´t believe in wearing a happy smile at all times, but in enjoying the smiles that come my way...from myself and other people.

Survival is not  for the fittest..it is for the ones that try to make the best of the situation...against all odds.. feel bad but get up again when you can.

I remember making "Thoughts on happiness" after reading about the amount of "happy-drugs" that are consumed in Denmark alone.It is crazy indeed when these drugs are given to people that are not really ill but just sad. Let us treat each other well so that we don´t need  too much of that "junk"
 The little figure in the painting has a resemblance with the devil...He can give life a kick but is still a devil.

Injury was made as a reaction to a severe back injury....It wasn´t happy times, but the painting is
a good result of bad times...Do I need to say that I feel fine about this one as well...:-)


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me here. I already knew a few examples of your art, from the + communities, but getting to know more was perfect. You're an amazing and talented artist, thanks for sharing your work in this great blog. 8)

    1. Thank you so very much..you are most welcome here;-)