Monday, 30 September 2013

Candy...or oilcolours


Almost like candy here on this photo..and so very smooth and deep, when I use them in my work.
There are many kinds on the market. These ones have been my choice until now.
The most important difference between working with acrylics and oils is tiiiiiimeeeee..or time:-)
This limitation can be so very rushing here. Old fashioned time consuming and at times messy work. I love it. It is very different from modern life in general.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Oilpainting from this summer....detail photo


Oilpainting made in the heat of the summer...

Still without a title...made in the summer of 2013--oil painting on canvas, size 90 x 60 cm
The most recent of my works...made this summer....Feel free to tell me what you see here...:-)

Et maleri endnu uden lavet i sommeren 2013..
Dette er et af mine oliemalerier.Fortæl mig gerne, hvad du ser her..:-)

Maleriet er udstillet i galleri Kunstspiralen i Fredericia indtil den 30.september 2013