Thursday, 12 February 2015

Work in progress - oil studies - "Endless Summer" or a kick in the behind.

Oil studies

This is an oil study for a bigger painting...endless summer..endless yellow...endless red? And one solid kick in the behind for those, who did their best to make my winter a nightmare...
Sorry all of you, the artist is still here...And here to stay. My love and care still there for those worth caring for.


  1. If this is a study for a bigger work, I look forward to seeing the big one. Seeing all those bright colors and textures makes my eyes smile.
    Thank you for sharing your work in progress.

    1. Thank you a lot, Gary. If I made the smile reach your eyes - I have to do a bigger one.
      Yes I have the urge to create a warm painting. And actually you just reminded me, why I do this..
      Why I create art for my fellow man (or woman). To be moved by a piece of art.. it is a pleasure.
      You probably agree with me?