Saturday, 7 January 2012

Darkness & Light

"Darkness & Light". Exhibited at "Contrasts" in 2011.

I must admit: I would like my art to end up with good people. This one did.
Even though it´s painted as a city on a hillside. I find it rather amusing that people see their pills
in it. It hangs at a pharmacy..



Detail of "Dragon"...I painted a rather large picture (80 x 80 cm) a short while ago ..Until the end of february 2012 I´m showing it at our gallery in my artists association: Kunstspiralen. ( After that it will be moving to another place ..Art must be shown;-)

I have a fondness for mythology.And at the time I have several projects which are inspirede by some of the tales, that I was told as a child or read about at the time or later in my life. Even in modern times those dragons, squids, ravens or snakes mean something to many of us. I hope I will be spared of a world where children are told of computers or mobile phones..


The sea

Remember november..look forward to april.It´s seldom as calm as this around here - my beloved sea!


Aaargh..Gustav says it all..
Tired saturday. Looking at the sea..listening to music.
Watching my letter weight..For fun I called him Gustav..for lack of dog in the house.
Gustav the Watchfrog.:-)
By the way..they removed them snails.! Or maybe they just took off!