Wednesday, 24 February 2016

David - an inspirational force in my life

To David.

Lost during my own hellish rheumatic winter....a friendly man and a great talent. Thank you for the music, David. You were with me from my early teens, when my father returned from a journey with a David Bowie record under his arm for me. It was David Bowie "A Second Face". I believe I was 10 years old.  I was hooked...deeply. David impressed me through the years with his ability to be "part of the times".
I forgave him the drugs, the strange outfits  ...he did what was his way.. Smallish judgement was not
what I felt like doing.

I have listened to him while doing homework, while drawing house plans in scale 1:50, while painting... 
Or just very loud only for fun:-)

Here he is with Iggy... It could have been Annie Lennox, or Lou Reed or, or, or.
He sang with the best..being among the best demands what he had: openness to the world and other people.

He managed to become "a renanissance man" amongst others very knowledgeable within other arts. 

And giving us at the end a deeply philosophical album...

At the center of it all...there is a solitary candle.... burning for you.


Thank you for the "song", David 




Monday, 22 February 2016

Still smiling

Many small movements with a training ball...many small steps..less red in the skin...less sore.....and still smiling. I hope to bring you new art soon...